There’s a very good reason that many companies looking to make an impact at a show or a meet with a tricked-out off-roader tend to start with something like a basic pickup truck or SUV rather than a Jeep Wrangler. That’s because there are so many awesome rigs out there, including ones made by Jeep themselves along with Mopar performance, that it is really hard to stand out in a crowd.

So when a car dealership decides to make a revolutionary Jeep Wrangler, it shows that they’re either a bit dim or totally ready to take on a monumental challenge with no promise of praise or rewards (or both).

Meet the Jeep Wrangler Bandit; a creation of Starwood Motors in Texas. I think it is pretty clear that they made a Jeep that can stand out, even in a crowd of thousands of modified cars and trucks. The crowds of onlookers at SEMA proved that pretty conclusively.

From the wild front bumper to the dual pod lights, everything about this Jeep is done to the most excessive point possible without making the whole things useless to the average off-road enthusiast. So what else went into this build? For starters, there are custom fenders and rock sliders made to accommodate the gigantic 40″ tires.

A TeraFlex long arm suspension system, which can also be adjusted based on your needs, is held up by Fox Racing and Synergy Suspension shocks and springs. Those rims look like they will get destroyed on a real trail, which is probably why Starwood Motors has it up for sale with smaller, proper off-road wheels.

The light bar on top of the windshield could illuminate a small village and the projector headlights will help the Jeep keeps its on-road safety in check. Still, it takes a lot to spin 40″ wheels.  So Starwood Motors went ahead and supercharged a 7.0 liter Hemi V8 engine to produce a bubbly 700 horsepower. 5.38″ gears in reinforced Ford 9-inch axles get that power to the wheels.

And that truck bed on the back? Well, all they had to do was add 48″ to the overall length of the Jeep and do the required fabrication in-house. Last but not least, the paint is legitimately a military-tough DuPont Kevlar finish that will protect the body and all of its custom work. All in all, this Jeep can do a whole lot and can’t be stopped by much. So is it the ultimate Jeep? You be the judge.


Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 3.34.12 PM

Screen Shot 2017-09-06 at 3.35.02 PMEbookCoverBestUsedJeepsSml.jpg.pagespeed.ce.reMC4heu9h

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