RWB Yoshiwara Yūkaku Porsche 911 Type 993 Targa RAUH-Welt Begriff

RWB Yoshiwara: To New Beginnings


Gold On Gold


On top of the wheels, Ricko had D-LNG Designs in Belgium create custom turbo-fan covers, black on the passenger side and gold for the driver side.


I have to say, I really can’t decide which color looks better, and I guess Ricko was of the same opinion, hence going for both. It all combines to look pretty damn amazing and the beefy Toyo Proxes R888 tires fit the race-inspired look rather well.


Go in closer and more details reveal themselves. The custom center caps that D-LNG Designs made up we done so as a nod of respect to James Hunt’s beliefs.


In motion, the turbo-fans light up the centers of the wheels, enhancing the look further. If C-3PO drove a car, this is what it would look like!


A lot of work went into the wheels; Ricko told me that it was a constant back and fourth with D-LNG Designs until they nailed the look and fitment he wanted.


What makes this RWB stand out even more among the many we have seen over the years is the fact that it’s a Targa top.


Ricko wanted to retain the semi stripped-out feel of the cabin, going as far as to not refit any of the trim to the rear of the car, including what would normally hide the electric motors that operate the big glass roof.

The ability to have the feel of a convertible at the flick of a button is what made Ricko specifically want a Targa; for him it’s all about the experience the car gives you. And trust me, with the glass roof opened all the way, it’s like all the senses intensify; the sound, the wind, the sensation of speed. Blasting through Vegas in this car I totally got it.


The Recaro seats are beautifully supportive and comfy, something I thought I’d never say about buckets. Mind you, my experience with these type of seats have always been in Japanese cars and always involved lots of pain. These are the biggest versions Recaro make, and I fit like a dream.


One thing I found refreshing was the fact that Ricko kept the stock steering wheel in an otherwise stripped cabin. The contrasting look somehow seems to work rather well.


That’s also because Ricko has every intention of using this car as much as possible, which is why he didn’t mind the fact that the perfect car he found for the transformation was a Tiptronic. Nakai put his mark of approval on the dashboard in a well-matched shade of gold.


To The Future & Beyond


Under the hood, the motor has been left in its stock state, but enhanced to give the sort of sound that one would expect a widened gold 911 like this to generate. For this, Ricko first turned to MFR Enterprises who created custom RSR-style headers which feed a pair of tapered-out straight pipes. The latter stick out so far that I thought I was looking at Stella Artois for a second!

That raspy, unsilenced fury the pipes spit out is mated to a slightly more gutsy intake roar thanks to a BMC panel filter, which is exposed to amplify the effect. An RS-like carbon fiber heater duct bypass pipe shaves a bit of weight off the rear by replacing the blower assembly.

If you look closely you will see that the gold paint has been applied to every surface of the chassis, inside and out, under and over.


The GT2-inspired front end makes the 993 one of the most striking RWB conversions out there, and Yoshiwara sits so low the trademark rubber front lip almost seems to be scraping along.

Ricko pulled out the carpet that covers the insides of the trunk to show the extent of the paint job. It’s really nice to see cars built properly.


If Ricko ever gets bored of the look of his car he’s also got a few spare RWB spoiler setups to swap on. I’m thinking a ducktail would go down a treat.


As is often the case with RWB creations, I not only came away impressed by the car but also the story of the owner behind it all. Cars are indeed more than just lumps of metal – they have the power to excite, bring people together and mark new beginnings. A big congrats to Ricko and his wife from all the team here at Speedhunters.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino

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