WaterPower #Trike 0-60 in Half Second!

Nothing But Water Powers This Tricycle That Goes From 0 to 62 MPH In Half a Second
// Jalopnik


Remember that feeling of terror when a five-year-old version of you climbed aboard your tricycle before careening down a giant hill? That’s nothing compared to what François Gissy must have felt climbing aboard this adult-sized trike powered by a water tank pressurized to 6,000 PSI.

When the valve holding back 35 gallons of pressurized rain water inside the carbon fiber-wrapped tank was released, the tricycle accelerated to 62 miles per hour in just over half a second. But by the time that tank was completely emptied, the tricycle, built from motorcycle and go-kart parts, reached a top speed of 162.2 miles per hour. Somehow a motorcycle helmet just doesn’t seem like enough safety equipment.

[YouTube via Popular Mechanics]


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