Imola #860GT SabotageCycles

Green with Envy – Sabotage Cycles Imola 860 GT
// Return of the Cafe Racers

Of all the motorcycles Ducati has created during its 67 years of production there are few that are as iconic as the green framed 750 Imola.

In 1972 Paul Smart and Bruno Spaggiari crossed the finish line riding 750cc Ducatis in successive first and second place at the Imola 200 and the world sat up and took notice. That game changing win lead to the production of the green framed Imola 750. It was a revolutionary design for the company that featured a chassis based on a design first created by legendary frame builder Colin Seeley and their new v-twin engine. Today owning a green framed Imola 750 requires an investment of around $110,00 USD making them a sought after, yet extremely exclusive collectors item.


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