The DTV Shredder: A Cross Between a Skateboard, a Snowmobile and a Scooter
// Core77

Canadian inventor Ben Gulak conceived of the DTV shredder, the unusual vehicle you see here, while he was still a teenager. 

His motivation was practical: “It doesn’t make sense to have to buy an expensive snowmobile that you can ride for three months of the year and an ATV that you can ride for four months of the year,” Gulak told the TED organization. “I wanted to make something small enough that you could fit it in the back of any car. And I wanted it to be something you’d be able to ride all year, whether in snow, sand, or mud. Something that would be really all-terrain, all year.”

Being as compact as it is, I figured the thing would be electric, but you undoubtedly heard the sound of internal combustion in the video. The Shredder runs on a gasoline-powered four-stroke engine that can get it up to 30 miles per hour.

The Shredder has been in development for years, as you probably guessed by the “Christmas 2012” plug in the video. Although it’s currently available in the UK, North American emissions regulations require engine modifications that are still in the works. If you’re in the market for one, you can stay updated on the website of Gulak’s company, BPG Werks.


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