SpareMe Auto Rescue Tool

Spare Me Auto Rescue Tool

Spare Me Rescue Tool – The Multipurpose 5 in 1 Tool – Ice Scraper, Tire Lift, Traction, Leverage, and a Shovel – Very Durable


  • Scraper – Use as a normal snow scraper and ice removal tool. 5 inch blade with 18 1/2 inch length makes for fast work
  • Tire Lift – Don’t hurt yourself or get dirty putting on your spare tire. A little lift is all you need
  • Traction – Stuck in a slippery spot? Just place this tool in front of your tire and firmly against your tire and you will “get out of jail”
  • Leverage – The Cheater Bar helps loosen those hard-to-turn lug nuts and provides additional tightening torque.
  • Shovel – for help removing debris, snow, mud, etc. – Made in USA

The only 5-in-1 rescue tool

Spare Me is a rescue tool that every driver in North America should own. This simple device can save you time, money and possible injury while performing tasks during those always inopportune moments when you’d much rather be doing something else.

Primary Functions Include:
-Ice Scraper
-Tire Lift
-Traction (place under tire)
-Leverage for losening lug nuts.


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