SCARAB Remote Home


A Live/Work Station that Knows No Bounds
// Yanko Design

The SCARAB makes remote living and working feasible from virtually anywhere. Highly adaptable to a number of environments and working scenarios, it can house two occupants for extended periods of time for a variety of missions ranging from reconnaissance to research.

SCARAB is highly adaptable inside and out. It can be configured with a height adjustable leveling base for a variety of terrains or even configured on water with a specialized pontoon floating system for off-shore uses. capable of being configured to the unique requirements of the customer with specifics like kitchen units, shower, lavatory, sleeping quarters, storage and work areas.

A large matrix of battery cells under the interior floor panels and an emergency backup generator allow for sufficient use of electronic equipment and lights. Freshwater holding tanks and an on-board filtration system ensure clean potable drinking water for two week periods. As for interior air, a centralized air-filtration and climate control system ensures that occupants have a clean, temperature controlled climate.

Designer: Eric Wang




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