Nimble Prosthetic Fin

Prosthetic Fins for Underwater Freedom!
// Yanko Design


Those with missing limbs are more capable than ever of living fulfilling lives and, thanks to devices like the Nimble Prosthetic Fin, they may even be more capable than able-bodied individuals in some instances!

This aquatic prosthetic features a vacuum socket that allows for quick and secure attachment to the limb. Once in place, the user is immediately transformed into a streamlined diving, swimming, scuba-diving machine! It’s specially adapted to execute and enhance a variety of underwater maneuvers from treading water to long-distance lap swimming. Designed with a lightweight and strong material blend of carbon fiber, rubber and thermoplastic polypropylene, it achieves expert balance, comfort and hydrodynamics to make endurance swimming of all varieties not only feasible, but entirely enhanced!

Designer: Alberto Esses








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