Nikon Doc Pro 2


Leave it to cutting-edge sports camera company turned electric mobility maker Nilox to make the smartest scooter ever! It’s called the Doc Pro 2 and it’s equipped with a system of sensors to provide the user with instantaneous feedback about their ride.

A 300 watt electric engine is integrated into the 8″ rear wheel, allowing users to ride almost 20 mph for up to 20 miles. For that last mile, it also folds effortlessly to a compact form that can easily be carried on the train and bus or stowed away conveniently once you reach your destination.

It also connects to a dedicated smartphone app via Bluetooth, the display shows battery status, riding mode, speed, and distance traveled. As an added bonus, you can rock while you roll by streaming your favorite tunes to the scooter’s built-in speakers!

Designer: Samuele Bosoni for Nilox











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