GeoOrbital Powered Bicycle Wheel

GeoOrbital Powered Bicycle Wheel


“Swap out the old front wheel for a 21st-century one one, complete with a battery and motor” – TIME

Make pedaling your regular bike optional by upgrading your regular front wheel to a GeoOrbital wheel. The wheel is made to last – made in the USA (form domestic and imported parts) with aerospace-grade aluminum, hi-quality Panasonic or Samsung battery cells and a solid foam tire that will never go flat. There is no need to install or configure any apps – simply clip on the throttle and use it like a gas pedal – the harder you press the faster you go. The 500W motor puts out TWICE the power of an Olympic cyclist. Pedal if you want, sit back if you don’t.

“Basically, it includes everything that you might get in a fully electric bike, but in a single piece that’s simple to install.” – Fast Company

“Hit 20 mph on your bike without breaking a sweat” – Popular Mechanics 

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