Amazon Hyperloop


Amazon meets drone meets hyperloop!
// Yanko Design


Honestly, if there were any company meddling with innovative consignment delivery, it would probably be Amazon. Known to be a company that isn’t shy to push boundaries, they’ve got their fingers in every domain possible. The final frontier? Transportation! The Iris was developed as a concept to help Amazon get their deliveries done a whole lot faster.

These massive electric trains would carry Amazon cargo via rail to different parts of the country. However, upon reaching a destination, last-mile delivery of packages would be made via drones that dock inside the top of the train. Iris aims at using current infrastructure like railroads as their mode of operations, and hopefully becoming effective enough to democratize itself and offer its services to the likes of FedEx and UPS. The concept aims to tackle the entire delivery chain by creating one single solution that takes care of the entire A to Z (Amazon joke!) of deliveries. Hey, as long as I get same-day deliveries!

Designers: Martin Rico & Charles Bombardier (Imaginactive).







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