Deus Yamaha D-Side

Deus Yamaha D-Side
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Yamaha?s incredibly successful Yard Built program consists of renown customisers from around the world providing inspirational ideas on how to transform modern Yamaha models. Customers can then buy the kits and build their own custom bike. Custom builders Deus were given the honor of being the first workshop to tackle a custom bike and sidecar combination. Taking inspiration from vintage boats helping design the sidecar unit itself, the result is a sleek ride with a classic boat shape and a beautiful wooden deck at the rear for extra luggage. Based on a Yamaha XV950, the D-Side is blessed with ample torque, a modern suspension setup, and a solid dose of contemporary style. The Deus team added their own touches to transform the build, adding a surf rack fixed between the sidecar and motorbike, and a stripped back simplified style that shows off the bike?s powerful torquey V-twin motor.


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