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Fisker Gives First Peek at $130,000 EMotion EV, With Claimed 400 Miles of Range
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Fisker eMotion concept

Henrik Fisker is seemingly never not working. After his sleek plug-in hybrid sedan, the Fisker Karma, failed, and the Karma name was bought and relaunched by a Chinese company, Fisker briefly went dark. But he wasn’t sitting around watching Bob’s Burgers reruns; he immediately got back to work on another project, an all-electric vehicle this time, and now we’re starting to see the first glimpses of it.

Since Fisker’s new companies, Fisker and Fisker Nanotech, launched in the fall of 2016, he has been slowly dripping information and images of his upcoming car, the EMotion, mostly through Twitter and interviews. Following initial renderings, Fisker took to social media to drop the first real photos: cropped shots of the nose, rear, and doors.

Fisker eMotion concept

The final design is slightly different than the first renderings, but it still has a similarity to the Force 1 V-10 that Fisker designed for the Bob Lutz–affiliated company VLF Automotive. And despite the fact that this might be the first car to consciously build a lidar sensor into the design, it’s not a pretty face. The wild design also includes butterfly doors and electrochromic glass that varies its opacity.

Fisker claims that the EMotion will have a 400-mile electric range and will be able to reach 161 mph. The company also says its UltraCharger will be able to provide the car with 100 miles of range in just nine minutes. The EMotion will be based on a lightweight carbon and aluminum structure and will utilize supercapacitors and graphene battery technology that Henrik Fisker characterizes as a “major breakthrough.”

The EMotion will be introduced as a 2019 model and will cost $129,900 with the ultralarge battery pack. As is done by Tesla, the car will be sold through the company’s website or “experience centers.” A service partnership with the Hybrid Shop will give owners a “seamless day free of interruption for routine maintenance and servicing.” Fisker is set to unveil the entire car and more details on August 17; true believers can preorder a car beginning June 30.



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