A ride for the wanderer of the future
// Yanko Design


This modern-world concept SUV is titled the Khoji and is designed for India in 2035. The car is designed to be a fully-electric adventure SUV, and to dominate the massive variety of terrains found in the country.

The Khoji (translating to Wanderer/Explorer) like all of Mahindra’s UVs has a fully electric drive train. It even ditches doors for a rather unique approach where the entire exterior lifts off the chassis to allow a driver to sit within. It even features a rather unique hexagonal smart-glass tiling on the front and sides that turns transparent when the car is being operated, and opaque when the car has been switched off, shielding the car’s insides from heat and direct sunlight when being operated in places like deserts, because no one enjoys sitting inside a scorching car!

Designer: Smit Shah










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