LOON BS 510 Super Moto

LOON BS 510 Super Moto

A dual personality for this 2017 Husqvarna 501. Motorbike and scrambler, two souls in the same body with the minimal and essential line. Can two souls live in the same body? Loon Cycles have succeeded in doing so, making it less extreme than it was originally. In fact it is a motorbike born for pure off-road, now it can be exploited depending on the mood or the need. Just like I do with my old TTR, only that this is much more powerful and now even more beautiful. Because they can mount both 18-inch and post-scrambler wheels as well as a couple of standard motorbike wheels if you want to do some aggressive curves. Eliminate all the original structures, the tank with one of the most classic shape, the leather saddle, also removed the filter case, and now uses a large single element to get more air into the engine and coupled with the small and bad exhaust Akrapovic make everything more effective and clean. Led lights at both the front and the rear, keep the shape of the bike compact, which with its white color becomes very elegant Watching her in this winter setting with this snow makes her look like a snow fox, agile and fast, but lethal when she hits her prey.



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Product Details

Product Details

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