Lego Citroën 2CV

This Lego Citroën 2CV Is Nearly As Sophisticated As An Actual 2CV

I know there’s really gifted Lego-builders out there, but I admit, I’m fallible, and sometimes forget just how good some of these builders are. Then I see something like this Citroën 2CV made of studless Legos and it’s like getting slapped in the face with a bag of clanky, pointy Legos. Holy crap, is this thing amazing.

This particular Lego 2CV was made by a builder called Nico71, and I’m just going to have you watch this little video to get an idea of why I’m so taken by this mass of interconnected plastic bits:

The mechanical accuracy here is astounding. The freaking headlights adjust, like in a real 2CV! The little flat-twin engine is there, and it actually pumps its little pistons and spins its little fan, thanks to the unseen whirlings of some hidden electric motor in there.

The gearbox works, right down to the 2CV’s bonkers push-pull shift lever, and since it actually drives the wheels, and since the car steers, if you, say, got shrunken down to hamster size because of some bullshit you tweeted at a witch, you could actually drive this thing around.

The Deux Cheveaux’s odd, interconnected suspension is even properly replicated with Lego, as is the 2CV’s slightly ass-up stance.

If you have the time and Legonic resources, the full instructions to build it are all here, including this amazing guide to all the parts you’ll need:

I know this is a lot to scroll through, but there’s something satisfying about it, right?



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