ElectricScooter @Immotor Go

Immotor Go Electric Scooter

About the product
  • Up to 16 mph top speed and 16 mile extended range
  • 3 convenient modes – ride, power assist and standby. Have fun riding, let it haul your stuff, or take it inside with you, no matter where you go
  • Powered by the edison award winning Super battery – safe, smart, swappable power that you can take with you on an airplane as carry-on
  • Smartphone app control, GPS tracking, anti-theft, geo-fencing, movement-alert, and other customizations
  • 350W brushless hub motor, aluminum alloy body, airless tires, built-in outdoor Bluetooth Speaker, electronic brake system, climbs hills up to 15 degrees

Immotor GO is the world’s most intelligent and portable electric scooter with cloud enabled technology that delivers a safe and intuitive ‘last mile’ riding experience in tune with today’s transportation needs. Immotor’s award winning Super Battery technology is the safest and fastest charging battery in the industry. The Immotor GO foldable electric scooter syncs to your smartphone and possesses functionality flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. Take it with you on a plane, train, car, elevator or even a hot air balloon – it never has to leave your side. The GO’s 3-wheel stability, adaptive suspension, electric brakes and tubeless air cushion tires ensures a user-friendly experience for riders of all ages and experience levels. The GO is the first foldable electric scooter for adults and teens that safely solves the first/last mile commuter problem, letting you take charge of the way you move through your life.



Innovative Design Yields Mobile Versatility

The GO foldable electric scooter is engineered to adapt to your traveling needs. The GO’s patented and high quality design transforms into 3 functional configurations. Ride – Cruise up to 16 MPH for up to 16 miles. Power Assist – Use it to haul your books or groceries. Stand By – Stow it discreetly or pull it like a small suitcase. The phone holder and display integrated USB port keep your smartphone charged and handsfree.

TSA Compliant Super Battery

Swappable, versatile and engineered for safety, the patented Super Battery is airline/TSA compliant as carry-on effectively making the GO the only electric personal vehicle that can travel with you wherever you go! Lightweight and modular, the Super Battery ensure you are never without a charge whether you are cruising on the GO or using it to power your other devices. Fully recharged in 2.5 hours, this smart weatherproof battery remains inert and will not lose its charge – it only provides power after a digital authentication is ensured between the device and battery.

GO All Out

Immotor GO’s high quality components and innovative design helps you GO All Out. Front & rear adaptive suspension. Lightweight Aluminum alloy frame and footboard. Tubeless air cushion tires and electronic brakes.

GO Smart

The Immotor smartphone app provides an unmatched feature rich connected experience. – Your phone acts as a digital key and keeps your GO secure – Play your music via GO’s Bluetooth speaker – GPS tracking of your GO and riding experiences – Set a virtual boundary for users – Take pictures/video on the GO

GO Safe

3 Wheels for more stability Bright high/low beam headlight Rear tail/brake light Accident awareness shuts off power from battery Safest battery in industry

Oh, GO on…

Don’t just take our word for it – Immotor has an award winning battery and award winning transportation device!

About the Startup

Describe your product in 3 words. Personal Vehicle Redefined


How did you come up with the idea for this product? Having traveled extensively while running his former company, mophie, our CEO Daniel Huang grew frustrated by the inefficiency with which we navigate urban areas. None of the existing solutions met all the needs of today’s ‘digital nomad’ lifestyle, so he created the Immotor GO.


What makes your product special? While you often hear the claim that something was built ‘from the ground up’, in the case of the Immotor GO, it really is a uniquely engineered device with over 80 parts that are specific to the GO. The GO is not a gadget but a transportation companion that is easy to learn and use for all ages and skill levels – not a toy based on self-balancing technology or something that requires a pre-existing skill like skateboarding or even biking.


What has been the best part of your startup experience? Working with a team of engineers, many of whom were part of the mophie team, to bring a complex new product from concept to retail in less than 18 months is extremely rewarding. Being a leader in sustainable energy and sustainable electric transportation is something our whole company is passionate about.

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