The Super Suitcase 


Traveling doesn’t just require a container on wheels anymore. These days, we need and expect all the bells and whistles whether its a built-in phone/laptop charger or scale. Introducing, FLOATTI… luggage with all that and more. In addition to the handle-scale and USB chargers for phones and laptops, the design also introduces some other truly innovative features. Use its digital trackers and mobile app to keep a remote eye on important objects. Ensure your belongings aren’t damaged with its one-of-a-kind wheel suspension system that absorbs the impact of bumpy surfaces. The coolest feature of all is a smart-handle that works in tandem with your phone. Hold your phone in one hand and control it with the touch-sensitive handle. Use it to make calls, control he camera, change music tracks and more!

Designer: Andrea Ponti 




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G-RO 22” International Expandable Carry-On Luggage: Tough Terrain Wheels, Telescoping Handle, Optional Modular Electronics, TSA-Approved



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