Motorcycle Bivouac


  • Made out of 500 Denier Cordura® Classic for optimal weight and durability combination.
  • Vegetable tanned leather straps
  • A rolled package size with only 15cm in diameter and 45cm in width, 2.3 kg
  • Quality fabrication handmade in switzerland
  • 10 year warranty

The Bivouac comes with a peg and pole pocket. It forms a rolled tent package that can be adjusted to perfectly fit your motorcycle, from a thicker shorter roll, to a thinner longer roll. The leather binding strap serves also for mounting.

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Handmade in Switzerland, the Motorcycle Bivouac is a minimalist camp shelter that uses your parked bike for one of its walls. This compact cordura tarp tent keeps you out of the elements & also keeps your bike seat dry. When it’s time to get back in the saddle, it rolls up neatly and lashes to your handebars for the next leg of the journey. Another funded Kickstarter.

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