Bummed out about the recall on your 2015 R1? While away the time as you wait for an appointment with the dealership by making your own, less transmission failure-prone YZF-R1M out of paper.We’ve previously written about the Valentino Rossi Laguna Seca and Dakar Rally kits from Yamaha’s Paper Craft models. The R1M is the latest motorcycle added Paper Craft line of paper models. Yamaha has given the Paper Craft treatment to most of its signature models, including the 1998 and 2007 model year versions of the R1, but the R1M is the third to receive the larger, more detailed Ultra Realistic kits following the VMax and MT-01.121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_005

That means it uses 914 total parts compared to 167 on the regular 1998 R1 Paper Craft. At about 16.1 inches in length when completed, it’s also larger, at a 1:5 scale to the actual R1M whereas the previous Paper Craft R1 was built to a 1:6 scale.

All you need is A4 paper and a printer, glue, an X-Acto knife and a lot of patience. The full kit including instructions are available for download for free on Yamaha’s Paper Craft site.

121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-download_002 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-download_003 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-download_004 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-download_005 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_001 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_002 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_003 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_004 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_005 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_006 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_007 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_008 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-photo_009 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-stats 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-stats2 121815-2015-yamaha-yzf-r1m-papercraft-download_001


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