Lola T-142 Formula 5000


Hemmings Find of the Day – 1969 Lola T-142 Formula 5000


Though it’s not entirely accurate to describe the SCCA’s Formula 5000 as a “run whatcha brung” series, the description isn’t that far off the mark. The class, which ran in North America from 1968 through 1981, was for open-wheel (and later, enclosed body) single-seat race cars, equipped with engines up to 5,000cc in displacement, which allowed a wide variety of chassis and engines to compete. Formula 5000 cars were incredibly fast, and as the owner of this 1969 Lola T-142 Formula 5000 for sale on points out, nearly competitive with F1 cars of the period for a fraction of the cost. For someone with the right amount of intestinal fortitude, this would make a very enjoyable vintage race car, and its Chevy V-8 power means that replacement parts would not be particularly difficult to source. From the seller’s description:

1969 Lola T-142 Formula 5000

Serial #33 Known history back to 1970 (See history here)

Older documented restoration by RM Motorsports in 1996. Only driven occasionally since 2001. Dry-sump Chevrolet 5 liter V-8, Hewland LG 5-speed gearbox, Adjustable front and rear wings, Weber carbs, on-board halon fire-supression system. Starts, runs & drives perfectly. Bodywork has some paint chips and scratches.

These cars can run competitive times with the F1 cars of the same period at a fraction of the purchase and maintenance costs. Loud, Fast and Fun!

Welcome at most any vintage racing event. 














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