The Electric Swincar Spider Is An Off-Road Monster

Swincar Spider 4

When you think about vehicles, you’ll notice that the majority of them seem to have a certain bit of symmetry to them. In fact, we can’t think of any cars that aren’t symmetrical. Now, a man has created a unique idea involving a tilting frame that throws out the typical laws of vehicle symmetry: the Swincar Spider.

The Swimcar Spider is an impressively-designed 4-wheeler concept that’s intended to traverse rough terrain. Each wheel uses its own electric hub motor and is suspended to a spider-like limb that attaches to the Spider’s body. This design results in a vehicle that leans into fast turns like a motorcycle, can go up or down a 70-percent gradient, ride diagonally through ditches, and ride across virtually any other rough terrain you could imagine. It’s resistant to tipping over, as well, and is completely emission-free. It’s a brilliant recreational vehicle concept that’s truly imaginative and looks fun to drive. [Purchase]

Swincar Spider 2

Swincar Spider 3

Swincar Spider 5


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