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MotorCove is a site for vehicle enthusiasts.

We love cool rides. This translates to vehicles of all kinds.

Besides cars, MotorCove covers trucks, military vehicles, rv’s, drones, motorcycles, bicycles, skates, skateboards, sleds, wagons, trikes, carts for kids, strollers, car seats, carriers, and rockers for our babies, sneakers, watercraft, snowcraft, skiis, spacecraft, jets, airplanes, helicopters, hovercraft and anything else. If it moves and it’s cool, it’s on our radar.

Custom-builds, niche manufacturers, alternative energy, new methods & materials, and startups is our focus. The ‘smell of gasoline’ is our history and that plus everything else is our future! Let it roll, or fly, or cut through the water, you get the idea.

MotorCove is more than an auto or styleblog.

The cool posts, product intros, ‘behind the scenes,’ ‘spy shots,’ news updates – this is important but only part of the story.  We look for two things 1) beauty – the ‘nice, wow’ factor – it’s got to be pleasant to the eye and carry a sense of wonder and functional intrigue, and 2) action – we are working hard at developing the kind of partnerships and site functionality to give you not only a glimpse but the ability to ‘buy it now.’  So stay tuned!

MotorCove is not just for guys and their toys but for the vroomgirls out there too.

In our dream garage, classics and cutting edge sit side-by-side in a place called home. Lofty and inspiring student concepts sit side-by-side with what’s rolling off of the manufacturer’s assembly lines back here on earth.

We encourage overseas manufacturers, crowd-funded campaigns, ‘the big three,’ gaming publishers, inventors, and everyone in-between to show their wares. Vroomvroom, beepbeep, chirpchirp, rumble rumble… bring it on!

Exquisitely curated. Welcome to,


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