Merlin Cycles UK, Electric Bicycles

The Merlin electric bike is a pedal bike with an electric motor. Their electric bikes are of the ‘pedal assist’ variety. This means that the motor only delivers power when you are pedalling. You can’t just let the motor run and ride around without making any effort whatsoever. The motor eases the effort of pedalling, especially up hills or into headwinds. It will also help you on flatter terrain and you’ll be able to go further for less effort. You can pedal the bike without motor assistance should you choose to; to extend battery life or when the battery has run out. Not that the battery runs out very often. Our e-bikes have a range of around 60km from a full charge so you can cover some impressive distance on them.

Designer : Merlin Cycles

 Merlin London
Merlin Cambridge
Merlin Kendal
Merlin Lancaster

Rear wheel/hub motor.
Bottom bracket/chainset motor.
Connection between the control panel and the motor.
Rack-mounted battery.
Display panel.
Remote control unit for display panel. Essentially the ON/OFF switch and the ‘more assist/less assist’ control.
Frame-mounted battery.
The smaller brake cabling is the motor cut-out sensor.


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