Maxun One Solar Bike

Maxun has developed the first usable solar bike that drives entirely by solar energy. The solar panels alone deliver the energy for a speed of 15mph or 25km/h. You can easily drive more than 60miles or 100km per day without pedaling, entirely by the sun. With Maxun One solar bike, high tech, design and usability come together. That makes this patented bike the most exclusive and astonishing e-bike on the world, nothing compares, no one has ever seen such a thing before.

Practical use was an important design requirement. The solar panels are made small enough to allow easy riding in traffic; this has been extensively tested, even in crowded Amsterdam. The Maximum One looks large but it is easier to drive than a child transport bicycle that has the same size. There is also paid much attention to a good looking design.

Designer : Albert van Dalen

It is not possible to use ordinary solar panels; these are much too heavy and also have a too low efficiency, the solar bike would become unmanageably large and heavy. The Maxun One solar panels have a specific power of 50W/kg, this is comparable to similar PV arrays used in aerospace. Moreover, the PV panels are particularly strong; the solar cells withstand rough handling. The PV panels are over-dimensioned to perform even on a semi-cloudy days. In the absence of sunlight, a small battery provides the energy. Important was the development of a special lightweight and low loss coating for the solar cells, without this, the solar bike would not have been possible.


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