Ford MoDe:Pro e-Bike

Ford Motor Company is expanding its global Ford Smart Mobility plan with a new experiment to study how electric bicycles can work seamlessly with cars and public transport to deliver faster and easier daily commutes and help businesses operating in urban centers.

The MoDe:Pro e-bike is intended for urban commercial use such as by couriers, electricians, and goods and delivery services. It is designed to stow safely into commercial vehicles.​

“You may be walking at part of that journey, maybe taking a bike share, car, train, bus, all of the above to get through the environment that is becoming increasingly congested with cars and other forms of transportation,” says Bill Coughlin, Global Technologies’ president and CEO, in a video. Coughlin says the e-bike can help people have a healthy commute, for example, if they can’t drive all the way to work. A person might drive to a low-cost parking spot that’s easily accessible from their home, then take the e-bike out of the back of their car and bike to their office.”


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