Machines of Advetures Book Series Feature Futuristic Transportation and Technology

We found these cool futuristic jets on Michal Jelinek portfolio, even though they are only conceptual project, they could inspire you to design your next superhero sci-fi aircraft.

The “Machines of Adventure” is a graphics/design/art book series that aggregates all my love and passion to technology, industrial design and transportation of all kinds. It pays the tribute to all the “catalog” collectors who dreamed as kids over the drawings of planes, cars and robots. It is nor comic book, nor a portfolio. It is a real story, where the main heroes are the machines in both literary and figurative ways, while there is a space for human and non-human characters too.

Designer : Michal Jelinek

Machines of Advetures Series : Deltaplane
Machines of Advetures Series : Cranecopter

Machines of Advetures Series : Jetcopter
Machines of Advetures Series : Cargodrone

Machines of Advetures Series : Duckjet


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