FIBT World Cup BMW M2 Bobsled

BMW has announced that U.S. Men’s Bobsled Team will participate at FIBT World Cup using BMW M2 2-Man Bobsled. It’s been designed and developed in collaboration with USA Bobsled & Skeleton Federation (USBSF), BMW managed to apply world-class design with high-tech engineering to redesign two-man sled with hope of helping team USA to get its first Olympic gold medal. The head coach of U.S. men’s bobsled has said that the testing result looked promising, however, the true speed is determined in the competition.
BMW has utilized intelligent lightweight materials with optimized aerodynamics design for this new sled. The weight distribution is configured to optimize the balance of the regulation’s mandated sled weight. The result is BMW M2 2-Man Bobsled with lighter body shell and low, centralized center of gravity for faster performance.
Designer : BMW
BMW M2 2-Man Bobsled
BMW M2 2-Man Bobsled

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