Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle

As low performance infrastructure is becoming the limiting factor of rapidly growing megacities, Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle introduces a whole product family, designed to fit the needs of future mobility. Developed by using the example of the compact, transport-oriented city state of Singapore, Gemini is bridging the gap of its future infrastructure plan – creating a complete integration of personal mobility in both the private home as well as Singapore’s expanding public transport. By using Singapore’s unique social foundation of central allocated housing by the Housing and Development Board as a new instrument of car sharing, Gemini future mobility vehicle is bringing together the resource saving benefits of shared infrastructure with the amenities of personal property.

Designers : Florian Abendschein, Paul Bart, Marvin Bratke, Simon Rauchbart and Daniel Tudman

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore

Gemini’s main unit, LA, an extremely reduced personal capsule for 2 persons is setting minimum space and weight requirements. It is strongly focusing on individual transport within the short range of the city center, where the lines of street levels and pedestrian zones are blurring due to high-density, vertical urbanism and slowed down, road pricing controlled traffic. By adding the modular-structured add-on, GI, Gemini shifts its typology – offering a wider range of usage through improved stabilization, a performance boost and an included range extender. Its plug-in based system of flexible storage permits the possibility of personalization and customization. Combining two, LA units back to back, Gemini future mobility vehicle can be used as a micro car for families.

The interior rearranges itself to form a new space of communication and exchange between the passengers and a plus of storage, resulting in a flexible configuration that provides more then the sum of its parts.

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore

Gemini Future Mobility Vehicle for Metropolitan Area of Singapore














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